4th Global Biz Forum kicks off to discuss 'next prosperity'

커뮤니티 2023-12-12 06:56:14 8212

The fourth edition of The Korea Herald’s Global Business Forum kicked off Wednesday at Grand Hyatt Seoul, under the theme of “Next Prosperity."

The 13-week forum, held every Wednesday, is aimed at discussing strategies for shaping the future prosperity and choices of Korea. Attendees of the forum share knowledge of the international community and overseas investment opportunities to expand business networks.

Attending the kick-off ceremony, outgoing Indonesian Ambassador Gandi Sulistiyanto, who also serves as an elected member of Indonesia's Presidential Advisory Council, stressed the growing importance of Indonesia as an investment destination and The Korea Herald's initiative.

Initiated in 2021, the forum aims to strengthen network capabilities and share diverse ideas and business solutions to reach out to the world, with key figures taking the lead.




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